Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lelaki Mana Yang Setia

I read this entry here and thought that I want to leave a word or two, but since it will not be a word or two, I better do it in my own space..huhuhuh... (supaya tidak menyemakkan blog orang)
My hubby once told me that 'semua lelaki tentu ada perasaan ingin berkahwin lebih dari satu'. But I also agree with the writer that 'lelaki bukan teringin nak berkahwin lebih dari satu, tetapi teringin nak bercinta dan mempunyai hubungan dengan perempuan lain selain dari yang ada'.

So, I think both are right. The writer is correct. But my hubby is also correct in the sense that most responsible man would end the affair by marrying the other woman. Only irresponsible ones would dare to leave the woman who loves him.

This is my observation towards my hubby - the older he is, combine with his experience, I found that he looks more handsome and more attractive. He wears better clothes and shoes. He has more money to spend in his wallet. Overall, he is a better person than he was during the younger days. But as a woman, due to aging, and being a mother of few children, we have to set a good example, dress more decent (like makcik does), behave more polite (not laughing loudly), in short we become less and less attractive. yes, I'm saying that wearing sexy dress and laugh loudly are attractive to man. I realized about this because I have gone through it. I used to easy-going person where I can get along with people easily, dress trendily, talk, laugh, make jokes... but now I can feel that I am no longer easy-going as before or dress as before because I am a wife and a mother. The status itself changes my way of life and behavior. So, I guess that behavior is sometimes make our husbands feel like we are not fit to go socializing with him, and make us look like we are only fit to be at home with the kids and cook for him.

So, I think man also got confused with what they want. They want a decent wife but at the same time a hip girlfriend. Which in turn make me confused as well.

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