Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Sony Ericsson K900 (2005-2008)

tamatlah riwayat my dear Sony Ericsson K900... It is the best handphone I ever had, until now, even better than my O2 Xda Zinc. It was the first handphone I owned, which is not Nokia. I was a loyal Nokia fan until I fell in love with this gadget. If I ever want to replace my O2 (or have a second handphone?), it will definitely be Sony Ericsson. It has everything that I need (not want)- a phone, an organizer, a camera and MP3. The screen is big but compact (no slip or fold). Very user friendly.

How I lost it? Blame it on my lil' angel. As usual, she likes to play with my handphone, but for this one, I didn't really care because it was an old handphone, in fact I was once wanted to give it away to my father before I decided to use it as my second handphone. But that day, while I was watching the finale of one Malay series, my lil' angel, liking it so much, brought it with her for her evening bath! So, there was it.. my K900 found its way and RIP. I was a bit angry then, but somehow I didn't get mad at her. Seriously, I am a cool mom now! I know, losing that handphone has more benefit, rather than disaster. It's weird but nowadays I tend to look at a good side behind a tradegy rather than the tragedy itself. If losing that handphone this way is a tradegy, the good part is I don't have to maintain a second number, which I usually used for non-profit business. And my handbag seems to be lighter, as I only need to bring one handphone, not to worry about "maybe somebody is looking for me on the other phone"...and what the hack, I don't need a handphone... nobody is looking for me anyway...

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