Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The workshop

if you can't beat 'em,
Join 'em!

I went for a RE policy workshop yesterday. And I had lots of fun! Why? Because I can put my piece of mind it it. The funny part is, our mederator, who is part of the team to draft the policy, doesn't agree to what I said and the group.. I would say they do not understand what the policy is all about. So, since I really want to say it, they ask me to say it myself.. so, I took the mic and gave my piece of mind!
Here is what it is all about...

The FIT will come from a fund. There must be careful planning and intention in where the source of money. As it was proposed, the source could be from electricity bills. Which means that 7 million of consumers in Peninsular Malaysia will be paying 1% - 2% of their electricity bills for this fund. And who will benefitting from the fund? It is not fair to take the money from the majority for the benefit of the minority. It is more unfair if the system is abused by those who wish to make profit out of the program.

Suprising though, my comment was highlighted by a Dato' and he thanked me for he also never thought of that. I don't know if the team will ever consider my opinion but I will never stop putting my thinking and rational in the future. And I think I owe this to Mr. Solar Guy.

The rest of my opinion on the policy can be viewed here.

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