Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Geram sangat!

I'm so piss of with my big boss here.. first, she asked me to do the draft of a survey form, ok.. I think it's part of my job.. so I did it... then since she wants to send the survey form to all the MP's by email, so I have to make a databaseon all the names & area & email. There I was. confused and don't know where to start, I just do whatever I could... But in a meeting where all these medium guns attended, she asked me there and then, where the MP's email?! Shocked as I was, I just told her that I think it's better the request to the Parliment comes from his department, not me. Luckily there was a girl save me and told her that she will do it.
Later I found out that that the girsl and her colleague are from the Parliment unit. What??!! And that they have all the name list and complete profile! I felt sooooo stupid right there and then.
Later also I found that EC has done the same survey form also. I'm so piss off because for the last few days, I was like pulling my head to complete the form and the list, and cannot sleep because of that! I'm so piss off because the big boss doesn't know that there is Parliment unit under her jurisdiction!

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W.Mahmood Mat Yunus said...

Janganlah geram sangat