Friday, March 21, 2008

The price of my idea

Meeting today was good.
The chairlady finally bought my idea, which I told her last week on RE issue in Malaysia.
But of course she didn't mention my name or look at me.. but I know it's my idea. And I'm glad she likes it and she acts on it. That is the most important...
And remember the rule no. 1 of survivor?

1. Remember, boss is always right! Of course, you can throw your idea, but remember, boss has its own ego. It is good to throw your idea. Most bosses like that, but only half of them will listen to it. If they don't listen for the first time. Let it be. If yours is good, it will surface later... but too bad if the boss act it like it was his own idea. But again, boss is always right. It's ok, it doesn't matter if your higher boss or your colleagues don't know, but you know your boss likes it. You will sure get a credit for that - in an annual appraisal, hopefully.

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