Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boycott solar PV module?!

For every tonned of polysilicon produce (from sand), at least 4 tonnes of silicon tetracloride liquid waste is produced. This substance is highly toxic - if it is dumped, the land will be infertile. No tree or grass will grow. and human being should never touch it. When exposed to humid air, it will transform into hydrogen chloride gas, which make people dizzy and their chest contract.

The Suntech, the largest solar PV manufacturer in China, owned by the top list of China's richest man - Shi Zhengrong, also gets its supplied from a polysilicon's manufacturer Luoyang Zhonggui, located in Henan Province. Like many other factory, due to high market demand and competition to reduce price, safety and environmental issue is secondary.

It took 2 years to build a polysilicon factory, but the Chinese made it possible in half time of that. In developed country, the residue is being recycle and put it back in the production process. But this incurred cost and time. The environmental freindly factory produce one tonne of polysilicon at USD84,000 but Chinese company produce it at USD21,000.

A village in Henan Province where the factory situated is suffering from infertility land. The land and its people is dying....
Is this what we call a GREEN ENERGY?

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