Monday, March 10, 2008

LISTEN..the people has voiced out..

Suprised! Shocked! Unbelievable!
Believe it or not.. the people has made their voice heard clearly..

As of today, the BN has able to form the Federal Goverment by winning only 137 seats out of 222 seats (that is 61% or 3/5), which is considered as weak majority.
And 4 other states have transformed to a new government..

My thinking?
I have to say honestly that I'm not a regsitered voter. And I have my own reason for that.
But I follow the news, be it the mainstream newspaper, somebody's blogs, or opposition's newspaper.. I can see that majority of the Malay is still going for UMNO, but half has gone towards showing their dissatisfaction silently by voting for opposition.. and this groups are those who are tired with the menantu, tired of the same old faces in Cabinet, tired with the same old song... and majority of Chinese and Indians are turning to opposition because they feel that BN's component parties are not reliable and no longer can fight for their interest.. because why? because the top leaders are just want to please the Government so that they can maintain their existance in the Cabinet...
The bad news is, the national has seen 3 different races voting ONLY the party that represents their races, but for Malays, it's worse because the votes are divided into 3 parties.. leading the Penang fall to Chinese, and Perak is almost fallen to Chinese too - because the Malays votes are divided into 3.
As a Malaysian, I'm afraid that the tragedy of 1969 will repeat itself in this century..

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