Monday, March 17, 2008

Have you ever bought a lunch for the table next to you?

I don't know what aura has come out from me today,
but while I was having my lunch alone at Chicken Rice Shop,
when I want to pay for my meal, it was paid by the man sitting at the table next to mine.
Does he know me? Well.. I have this problem where I don't know a lot of people but some people do know me...I'm very bad at memorizing people's name and face..
If it is, it will be ashamed on me..
but I did my part.. pretty well, I guess.. say thank you, introduce my name.. should I call him? nope.. don't think so..
But I wonder who is the guy sitting with him? Is he government officer? does he know me?
Maybe he is from my ministry?
His name card says that he is an executive director for a communication company..
Could it be the government officer from my ministry? Maybe he notice me somewhere at the lift or cafe?
This is not good...
But it is good, somebody noticing me and buy me lunch! what a luck!

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