Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Step Ahead

I don't know what have I done.
I was spotted by HR and have been putting in a 'wanted' list for special job.
First, I was invited for an interview for Special Officer for CEO of T*B!!
It was quite some time ago. I was asked to write an essay about myself... and took an innerview test. then I was shorlisted for the interview. I went to the interview with positive mind... and do what people should do in an interview. Months later, nothing came out from the HR. I did ask though, but they said that the decision was still pending by CEO.
Okay... then I got a call from HR, asking me to attend another interview, this time it was done by one of our Vice President, which will be my immediate manager, if I got this position. The position is for a special assignment at the ministry. So, i went to the interview with positive mind, and again... I did what people should do in an interview. I learnt later that the HR called 4 candidates to be interviewed , which names were picked-up from the 'special officer' shorlisted.
So, few days later, I was called again for an appointment with CEO. To my suprise, I was no. 1 rank in the shorlisted and actually it is just a matter of CEO, wheather he finds me fit for the job or not. So, I went to see him with positive mind, and do whatever people should do to get a job.
The same evening, at the end of the conversation, he was happy with me and agreed with my appointment.
Now, I'm counting days for the new assignment at the ministry.
Questions in my head...
1. What did I do that they think I am fit for the job?
2. Have I impressed the VP and CEO?
3. Or was it I am the only person who looks so eager for the job? I mean there is no promotion, why should people bother?
4. Is it an accomplishment or what?

But I have my very own reasons & excuses...
1. This opportunity come across my way, just like that, so, I thought I should grab it, before I regret it.
2. No promotion - but in life, promotion and money are not everything. At my age and this point of career path, I am looking for life experience, get my existance noticed, get my talent spotted, everything else will come later... if I manage it well.
3. I hate my current boss, but I pity him at the same time. But I have to be rasional.
4. I have crush on my subordinate. So, I hope by moving out from the office, will help me get rid of him in my life. I will miss him a lot, but I have to be rasional in this issue too.
5. I do love my current job very much but I foresee that the whole thing will not last long and it is like a time bomb, waiting to explode. One mistake by the team, everything is gone. I better move out before the mountain collapse on me, and tarnish my future. Am I selfish? No. I don't think so. I am just being rasional.
6. The job at the ministry does not matter to me, but the fact that I was in the 'wanted' list, get myself interviewed by VP, CEO and GM (HR) and being accepted is already an accomplishment. So, what more could I ask?

So... here another step ahead.. cheer to myself!!

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