Thursday, December 20, 2007

Incredible India!

The big India..
Watch out! Spider-man!

Another big India
and... another...
The street stall
The national car - always white!

The kids at the playground

Hanging bridge at Ganges River
A monument of Queen Elizabeth
- the old British era...

The kids by the steet
- asking to be photographed

The husstle and bustle of the city (the pink,ponk,hink & honk)

Kolkata, India.

Have you ever been to India? No wonder the tourism tagline says "Incredible India".. well, it does. Where in the world every wall, parking lots, and streets are toilet for small-biz? (you can't tell how bad its smell... so smelly.. I could pute!) Where in the world can you hear a "pin, pon,hink,honk" like a non-stop song in the streets? Where in the world can you see a driver drives a car in opposite direction at the highway on the right lane, and being accepted by other drivers? No doubt Indians are intelligent people, they are good in academic, in research and technology, engineering, computer and IT... But the drivers are crazy, but incredibly, very few accidents occur...

Why do I go to this incredible place?

Our company bought an equipment from this so-called australian company, but in reality the product is manufactured in India.. so, there I was, inspecting the place and testing the equipment. Or people call it Factory Acceptance Test. I tested two units and both failed the test!
And the reason? "We are not ready for this test" What a reason! I felt a little bad because this company has a very long relationship with our company, but the history is so pathetic that I think I might just let this two products fail to teach them a lesson and a signal that we are tired of your reason everytime we had problem with your installation! But poor my boss, everybody said that this is his doing... well, he did agree to my doing.. hahaha....(you see, I'm pretty good in covering my *ss!)

Back to the big India... I hardly had times to sight seeing, all I saw is the hotel, the factory and the restaurant where we had lucheon and dinner... and of course the very same route we took, fro/back hotel and factory. The day the unit had problem, I just left the factory and asked them to take us to shopping at a bazzar... where I got this not-so-beautiful chiffon saree and more expensive than what I can get in KL Little India... Things are expensive as compared to KL (well, who says that KL is expensive?)... The guys were being chased by lady beggars with babies.. too many homeless, they build home just everywhere, and use public water, lake and river around the city for bathing and washing... the public toilet? I reserve my comment.. and the airport? it's worse than our airport that I knew when I was a little kid... But they do have nice food - at least I don't have problem in this area... well, of course we were brought to a nice restaurant. (I don't dare to eat at the stall though...) and the view of Ganges River...pretty nice!

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