Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Things-to-do (Mat)

Here's for you... jgn tercicir. If tercicir, come back to my blog and get it back!!! :-P

1. Pulau Tinggi:
1.1 Battery & Genset
a) Check status of MTC papers (Battery & genset) with Ms. P.A (for Battery- lagi 2 org belum sign)
b) LOI for genset need to be issued before 13 April (Due date for tender validity period) or else, tender validity period need to be extended.
c) Issue LOI for battery as sson as MTC paper is approved.
1.2 AES need to resubmit letter for tax exemption as per discussion last week (check with Ashok - H/P: 017-XXXXXXX).
2. Org Asli
2.1 Solar PV & Controller
a) Check with MAAR on BOD paper for evaluation criteria yang AAO buat- if ok, please pass to Ms. P.A
3. Meeting JTAAIBE
3.1 Run Homer (type 1,2,3,4 & 5 and mersing project - list down O&M cost for Hybrid & Diesel only
3.2 Prepare power point submission (with the above result) and submit to KTAK by 10 April 2006
4.1 Reply letter to SESB for proposed SHS at Beluran.
5. Mersing
5.1 Arrange & confirm site visit with Synerg & YPS (17 April???)
5.2 Arrange our works & team to settle possible pending works
5.3 Arrange with Bitbox for next remote monitoring test
6. Tuba
6.1 Discuss with MAAR on DTC paper Tuba yang MSB buat
6.2 PO need to be issued before 12 April or else, need to inform AES to delay the next trip to another date (please inform by 11 April)
6.3 Get standard specs on PC (brand & specs etc) and send to Ashok (by this week - they need it to prepare for delivery on 13 April)

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