Monday, April 03, 2006

Betul ke Busy??

kerja banyak!!! itu lah yang aku nak jeritkan sekarang ni..

1. BOD paper tender (tender dateline 20 April) - so basically this paper should be approved by then.
2. "AAO, please run Homer for Type 1 - Type 5 and Mersing projects and list the O&M cost for hybrid & Diesel only for this presentation." (dateline 10 April)
3."AAO, please reply this letter with requesting data as per attachments before we give briefing."
4. Tuba..tuba..tuba... whole lots of checklist to be monitored and settled before 13 April. That's not including tripping!
4.1 Minutes of meetings (2 meetings!!)
4.2 Contract Document
4.3 Pending items: (given to MSB)
4.3.1 Fuel level sensors & fuel automation system (quotations & DTC paper & PO),
4.3.2 Genset 1 AVR
4.3.3 Modem & Telephone Line
5. Tinggi... :
5.1 Tax Exemption for AES
5.2 LOI for Battery's Contractor - harrass MTC for approval!
6. Orang Asli: Taking calls, taking calls, taking calls... that's what I do!!
7. Unit Review Meeting?? banyak ke?? ke aku yang lembap? Banyak pikir? Don't know where to start?

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