Friday, March 17, 2006


"I apologise for my inference.. You are too much a friend to me...I am sorry for being insensitive"
"??..I don't understand.."
"For saying you are my 007"
"Huh, marah ke.."
"Ok... As a friend, I respect you and I trust you. But sometime it's hard to face this kind of situation. Saya perlu menjaga hati banyak pihak..But I have to tak emy stand. I hope you undertsand my situation"
"I realise sometime I am overzealous and for get my imposition to you... I am sorry. Anyway, I realise that its time for me to end my involvement with the Company as of today.. I am not cutting you off though as I am committed to support you if you feel you need me.. same to ***..."

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