Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Blind Man & Politeness

9 Feb. Lunch time.
Driving back from lunch to office with my colleague.
A blind man was standing in the middle of medium traffic road.
I asked my friend to stop the car - trying to help this blind man.
"Encik nak pergi mana?"
"Saya mau pegi Old Town"
"Ok. tapi Encik kat tengah jalan ni..."
"Saya tau! Saya mau tahan kereta mau pegi Old Town!"
"Saya tahan teksi untuk Encik, ada teksi di belakang.."
"Saya takmau! Saya takdak duit! Awak bayar!"
A short and very quick scene... if he had been polite...

Moral of the story...
No matter whether you are incapable or very capable person....
Politeness is the key...

Budi bahasa.. amalan hidup kita...

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