Monday, October 05, 2009

It's Not Over Yet...

First of all a sincere wisy of Selamat Hari Raya to all friends who read this blog (cececce... as if I have a reader :))

Since the raya week and last week, I have been very busy with the kids, housechores and assignments to the extend that I don't even have time to check my yahoo mail & facebook. seriously. My mind keep on switching from one topic to another in 30 seconds. But to my relief, I've completed the presentation on telecommunication on Monday (the first day coming back from 1 week holiday) even though the presentation was not up to standard - blame it on 2 audiences (heh, alasan!) not because of lack preparation. I couldn't prepare for the presentation because I was terribly busy with Economics's assignment and finalizing my project's report on Knowledge Management... a 40 pages report in 3 days! In which I finished it just-in-time - with no time to re-read it and for other groupmates to even have a look on the printed copy! But who cares, the draft was done by another groupmate and I put a finish touch-up, well, a lot of finishing and alteration. What the he*l is the other three doing? And now, for the presentation on this Saturday.. I have to surrender and to put my faith and trust on my groupmates to do it..

I'm concentrating on two coming tests in this week- Power System Analysis & Managerial Economics - both are heavy subjects. Actually I have another telecommunication assignment due this week, but I think I have to ask for 1 week extension. The two tests already eating up my last weekend and also this week. As last week and this week too, my office is virtually shut down. I'm still at my place, but not doing office job but doing my assignments - where I can afford, office jobs will be put-off until next week.

Plus, my maid is still in Indon for hari raya.. she'll be back this weekend. So, without her for the last two weeks have added the busy-ness of my life... wake up at 6am to prepare the kids and babies for pre-school and nursery and sleep at 12 midnight for the daily chores, of course that is after I came back from class at 9.30pm and after the kids are sleeping. If I'm lucky, I would still have some energy left for my assignments. But I'm LUCKY that my dear hubby helps in making sure that there is breakfast and dinner on the table, and the dishes and laundry are done everyday, and the fish and plants are fed. Thank you darling!

Next week will be better, I hope so.

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