Monday, May 04, 2009


My hubby really really against 'homeschool' - the real homeschool,which the kids never go to school but just stay at home. I think most of the parents in M'sia are also, not to say against, but are not confidence enough to homeschool their child because it is not in our culture.

Why did I suddenly talk about this topic?

Ok, I just attended a homeschool chatter at SusuIbu.Com yesterday. It was conducted by Mamafiza from Malaysia Homeschoo Unite . She is young lady with 4 kids (same as me!!) She is work-at-home-mom (WAHM) and she homeschools all her kid.

I might not be able to do the real homeschool - due to lack of confidence and I need my job to survive economically - but the determination shown by Mamafiza has open up my mind. I believe that learning can take place anytime and anywhere. In other word, world is the school - not just home or formal school. As per the homeschool schedule by Mamafiza - visit to outside places - that proves that world is the school. EDUCATION is such a big word - it is suppose to educate a human into somebody that have knowledge, understand & practice the knowledge, able to take care of himself (survice in the real world), and also able to educate himself for the rest of his life - not just learn and know how to answer the exam question but fail in his real life - which in turn will make him a failure throughout his life. Maybe this is what our national school fail to look into. and, this is where home education is required. Sorry, I'd like to use home education because I think homeschool is just misleading, in my context.

I will still send my kids to sekolah kebangsaan (but not sekolah agama rakyat - which I think is too much for a kid to bear a calssroom lesson from dawn till dusk) for them to learn math, language, science, history etc in a structure manner. But home education is a must - untuk membina sahsiah diri, peribadi, attitude, surviving skill, motivation - these are not teach at school nowadays.

The eldest daughter also take music lesson, my son is learning silat (my hubby is jurulatih silat). Both of them are also into sport & game - taught by my hubby. The 2 y'o - I'm still figuring what she likes because she seems to not have her own personality just yet, but just follow her big sis & bro. She doesn't even know which toy she likes except those owned by her big sis & bro! (Is it a problem??)

But I have to thank Malaysia Homeschool United for the inspiration - Now I can say that I am more open with my kids, spending time at home is no more rigid - I try to be more creative, more patience and get them involved with lots of things around the house, try to not miss a daily reading session. And also make a plan ahead for the weekend. I think I am on the right track. :)

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ummu_abdullah said...

yes, u are in the right track!

hs telah mengembalikan peranan sebenar seorang ibu rite??