Thursday, May 07, 2009

Homeschool - 1st Step

Okay, I have decided that I will commit on my home education programme.
"Sekarang dengan ucaan Bismillah, saya merasmikan Program Home Education AR."

So, what's next?
AR Home Education Plan:
Daily Activity
1. Playtime
2. Homework from formal school (if any)
3. IQRA' lesson
4. Reading session

Weekly Activity
1. art & craft
2. house chores (with kids involvement)
3. grocery shopping (with kids involvement)
4. Music lesson for Dina
5. Physical Exercise at park (specially dedicated for mama)
6. Sport / game
7. Actvities using computer / Internet

Monthly Activity
1. picnic day
2. visit to educational park i.e zoo, botanical park etc

1. Reading books
2. Art & Craft material
3. File for keeping art & craft
4. Daily planner - keep record on what has been achieved that day

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