Thursday, April 16, 2009

Planning to Bandung (again)

As promised, hubby asked to plan for Bandung again, to pay back my missing trip in January. But this time, the target is for shopping, shopping & shopping. So, no kids allowed. And it must be before Raya this year. But I have to sacrifice for a 3D2N trip only (I just cannot leave my children for too long.. tsk..tsk..)

So, I must search for a good deal over Air Asia flights. The cheapest I've found is RM79 one way, it's middle of the week trip. Without so much thinking, I just book (or buy?) 2 return tickets for us. They cost me about RM400++ only. I think it's a pretty good deal with a short time frame of booking.

The plan is - we are going to stay at Grand Serela - exactly the same hotel hubby stayed during last trip because he said it was a good hotel, and value for money (most important, of course). So, I must try!

I wish 16 June will come faster!!

Kirim anything, anyone?

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