Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I think I may be around 11 to 12 weeks by now. It starts to show a bit. I am trying my best to be happy. But all the 'night sickness' (as opposed to morning sickness, somehow I have not had morning sickness but night, weird?), headache (I just decided that I might need to wear lens for my left eye is more than 125 and my right eye is 50), tiredness, aching here and there, everything starts hitting me and the thought that I will be super XL in the nest few months really shut me off. I find that I crave for KitKat that I need to have a bar a day (that is Rm2.10 per day, ok..). But I think, when the time comes for shopping for maternity and baby stuffs, I will be happy...I hope so. Don't worry baby, no matter what, you are always welcome.

I like to cook.. and somehow, during this time, all my cooking is improving and 'menjadi'... until hubby said that we don't have any reason to dine out. Be it beriani set, ikan siakap 'terbang' tiga rasa (yes, I manage to cut the fish and fried it just like the Thai restaurant always does), tom yam, sweet sour seafood, asam pedas johor, som tam (papaya salad), char koy teow, nasi goreng kampung, spaghetti balognese, and the list goes on.... It's not that 'berjimat', inflation and what not.. but seriously, we will regret to dine out if the food is less that what we can get at home. And with my health concious nowadays - everything olive oil, organic vege, super clean water, super clean vege (well, I clean my vege with super clean water and salt), strictly no MSG or artificial chicken flavour - we really don't have reason to dine out, do we?

May be it's the feminin hormone in me... but hubby said it's just because I have increase my competency level... but I still think that it's the hormone...and so he said that he likes my feminin hormone, as I will be extra 'rajin' cook, and extra tidy and clean. You see, it's the hormone, not me.

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