Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I need some peace of mind!

See the picture?!
Just to get some peace of mind....
For God sake, I am scare for any, I mean all, type of prevention tools! from IUD to pills, I just cannot take it! There is no guarantee that I will be safe from any kind of side-effect, or worse cancer. It is always 99.9% no side-effect. But what if I were the 0.1%?
Ok, so I am the conventional type. I use traditional method. As if I use. Ok, I don't do anything. I just be extra careful. But I hate time like this. The feeling of uncertainty, and worries and wishing if only I took some precautions...
I truely believe that children is God's gift. If He wants to give me lots of gifts, what can I do?

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