Friday, May 02, 2008

A stressful day

What's on my mind right now...
1. My financial problem
Seriously, I don't know how to manage my financial condition right now. And I am so sad about this. Feel like blaming other people but don't know who.
2. House of Briyani
Alhamdulillah, the thing got sold finally. But now I'm trying hard to tell myself, not to bother wheather I will get back my investment or not. It is ok as long as we can let go the business and not owing to anybody (except the bank). Somehow it is difficult to console my ownself not to think about that?
3. My cousins' problem
Both my cousins are facing the lost of their mother in a very difficult way. They are blaming other people for their misbehaviour and they are jeopordizing their future, for the reason that they are stress because they lost their mother. I can understand how they feel (or maybe not?), but I think they need to see counselor. And their father... he is so miserable.. I don't think he can handle this alone..
4. My friend's health
He's sick and I'm worried. I think it's just a heartburn, that may progress to GERD. I don't know how to console a sick person. I just don't know. I have to admit that's my weakness.
5. My job
I don't know how to do my job!Let see what I have in my hand... (1) Meter tampered; (2) Parliament (should I go or should I not?);
6. My master program
I'm going to register on 28 Jun 2008. But I need to reply and accept the offer and pay RM500 commitment fee and do my medical check-up

Everything comes to my mind at once since the last few days and they made me lose my apetite!
I know what makes me worse... hubby is still in Kenyir since last Wed until tomorrow (for fishing!). So, basically, I miss him so much... my problem is twice heavier without him. I am so stressful that I feel like crying. And I get mad to the things I am not supposed to get mad at.
By the way, a research done by Divison of Human Biology at University Pensylvania few years back found that a smell of a man can reduce stress level of a woman. It is like an aromatheraphy. So, I guess I need to have my aromatherapy treatment now!

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