Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So this is what I'm doing here...

Since the last two months, if anyone still wondering what thell am I doing here.. these are my joblist...

1. Case hutang steel company ---> I have met and discussed with T*B, waiting for official / email from CEO's office
2. Kes Kecurangan Arus - plead not guilty ---> I have got the info from T*B, now waiting for info from EC (I guess, using EC is easier than ever slow T*B)
3. Case transformer of Italian company ---> I have got all the info, also don't know how to proceed..hmmmm
4. Update on generation data ---> I got the data from Sarawak, Sabah is yet to reply
5. Feedback on service performance of T*B ---> this is easy, EC is really being helpful
6. Report on India RE & EE training program ---> done in 2 weeks after I came back!
7. Report on RE development in Malaysia ---> done in 3 days!
8. Info on distribution work procedure - SEALteam and CMC/TCS
9. List of staff in new Minister's office ---> not done yet, since Minister's office is yet established!
10. List of Members of Parliament in Malaysia and their email ---> do I have to tell this story again? check my previous blog.

New list, just add-up while I'm writing this:
11. Arrange a courtesy visit for CEO to meet the Minister ---> I have to do this too!

But my boss here is always busy with his own work and all of the above is nothing important than his lunch! I mean, they are not important at all. And I don't know what to do about them. I have gather all the information, so, what's next?

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