Friday, April 11, 2008

Kak Esah : My Idol

Many people would say Mahatma Gandhi, Tun M, Pak lah, Sheikh Muzaffar, Siti Nurhaliza or their father as their idol. But this is my idol.

She started her career as a lady engineer, just like me. But now she's head of the biggest divison in my dearest company. I like the smell that she left behind whenever she walks, I like the soft touch of her hand when I shake hand with her, I like the tireless smile on her face (she smiles at all times, even when she gets angry), I like her motherly speech (that only happens in recent years), I think she is full of attention. She's not only the Vice President, but also the ambassador for the company.

I like the fact that above all, she is also a human being. She makes mistakes now and then, she has family to take care to. Sometimes she does feel tired of her job (as a VP!) and she grumbles about it now and then (and she look so funny and cute when she did that!).

I know I fall in love with this lady, when I cannot get enough of her. Whenever I had a chance to shake hand with her and talk to her, I panic like hell. I was so excited about it. I just want to look at her, and it's never enough. I feel like I want to jump to the ceiling and screammmm...

I really wish that someday, I can stand and say to her, "Dato', you are my idol."

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