Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I need an Environmental-Friendly house too!

The starting of our journey today is a bit funny..
An English couple, deciding to retire in Malaysia, built an enviro-friendly house in Malacca, and invites our Prime Minister to visit his house! It's funny because even Malaysian has not even thought about inviting the PM to see their house.

Okay.. so we went there together with some other ministries: Ministry of Energy, Housing Ministry, Natural Resources & Environment Ministry, Malaysian Energy Center, Tenaga Nasional... it was a big group, indeed (just because PM asked one of the ministry to pre-visit the house!)

The first impression.. was not that good.. his house is so simple, white color unlike Malaysian way. Stepping inside, I changed my mind. Things that I like in his house:

1. Underground ventilation system (I'm glad I've learnt this in India)
2. The PU-insulated wall, PU-insulated roof, PU-insulated floor
3. The argon gas filled double glazed glass window (WOW!)
4. The garage's door (I wish I can post the picture, but my O2 and my PC is not sycn!)
5. The 4.8 kW Solar PV
6. The bathroom without door (Soooo sexy..)
The building alone cost him RM380k and the monthly electricity bill cost RM180.
You can visit his house here http://www.ien.dk/cooltek

So, now I'm dreaming of my own environ-friendly house. I want one! I want one! I need one!
Actually I'm a kind of environmentalist myself. As much as I can, I try to use EE stuffs, consume less plastic bag, but I need to do more with my little double-storey terrace house. Right now I'm thinking of separating the garbage right from its source - my kitchen. So, you see, you don't have to be Maya Karin to start being environmentalist!

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