Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let's Buffet...

what can you get with 11.90 ringgit worth of buffet....?
All you can eat....
1. Briyani Rice
2. Chicken Briyani
3. Chicken cooked in red sauce
4. Mutton Briyani
5. Meat cooked in black sauce
6. Plain White rice
7. Fish of the day
8. Mix Vege
9. Squid of the day
10. Vege of the day cooked in kampung style
11. pudding of the day
12. dates
13. malay kueh of the day
14. cake
15.mee bandung
16. fried rice
17. free flow of hot and cold drink of the day

hmmm.... more than scrumptious meal for buka puasa and a good deal, I guess. but not sure if the restaurant really make profit with all that stuffs... we had full-house everyday since the second week of ramadhan... the 4 hours sales is equal to one whole day sale in normal month! Alhamdulillah... rezeki ramadhan...

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