Thursday, January 26, 2006


Hello dear...
10 years ago, I've never thought of being an engineer.. I don't even know what is 'engineer' doing. But here I am, finally made it through the hard and the fun days of university life, now landing at a reputable organization in Malaysia as a lady engineer... I would rather called my self as superlady.. yeah, you've heard it right. It's a challenging job. Not the work itself, but the environment that I've been putting into.

Being the only lady in my team, sometimes I found myself to be at a wrong place, and at a wrong time. If you know what I mean... But luckily, I have a great team whose understand me and accept me without being malechouvenist, if I spell it correctly.

To be precise, I work as a Project Engineer, doing a special project for my organization.. it is very interesting that I'm going to save the detail of it for later. If it is not in a jungle, or remote island.. don't call us! Expect to read the progress of my next projects in this blog.

To be honest, I'm 27 years old (I'm proud of this numbers!).. and already married and have a daughter and a son. My daughter already climb the second highest mountain in Langkawi when she's just 5 months old inside my womb.. my son has taken a tough boat ride through South China Sea when he's 6 months old inside my womb.. Me and My Hubby... both of us have conquered the highest mountain in South East Asia.. Kinabalu Mount during our 3rd wedding anniversary... So, expect some interesting stories about my family too.

There I go..

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